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Aug 14, 2009 4:00pm EDT
barack obama brought to montana today. he's on a four-state tour to his health care reform plan. an increasingly contentious topic across the country. >> reporter: the president hielf out in montana today which is out west but as two democratic senators said the fight is fierce and you have seen all of these town halls. many in maryland and it has been kind of tough on democrats. but on president barack obama today, not surprisingly nobody got in his face. but it did get some tough questions. the president's aides say the president has been itching to deal with the toughest of questions. number one, they say he is convinced health care reform insurgent and doable. number two, he's convinced a lot of the so-called tough questions are really based on misconceptions. didn't hear any misconceptions alleged today. but the president did get the core question which is how are we going to afford all of this and here is some of what happened in montana. >> if i'm writing a check to my local church, i don't know why uncle sam should be giving me a bigger t break than the person that makes
Aug 12, 2009 4:00pm EDT
stranded overnight in a cramped regional jet. just yards from an airline terminal in montana, minnesota. the six-hour ordeal is now under investigation with you the u.s. transportation department. secretary ray lahood is demanding an explanation from continental airlines andts regional partner, express jet. continental called the incident, quote, completely unacceptable. passengers of flight 2816, using language a bit stronger. >> it was a horrible ride. >> when i went into the restroom it did not flush. >> reporter: this weekend's incident is renewing calls for passenger's bill of rights. the airlines have already promised to try to term it it to three hours. the advocates want an actual law. >> tre people like humans and not like cattle. that's really all the passenger rights is seeking. >> reporter: bills are currently making their way through the u.s. house and senate. >> consume verse no rights when they walk on an airplane and the congress has been considering for years passenger rights legislation but the airlines keep striking it down. >> reporter: for now passengers will have t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2